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Bench welding machine for welding of pipes and fittings in PP -PE and other thermoplastic materials.

basic machine with pressure regulating device
planer with electrical locking device and safety microswitch
Workbench / carrying case in steel

counter machine Art 6250 / N is composed of:

Standard equipment includes: basic machine with pressure device, electric planing tool with locking device and microswitch of safety, steel work bench/trasport box, extractable thermoplate (art. 3300), pair of steel jaws, steel reduction set for jaws Ø 75, 90, 110, 125, 160, 200 and 250 mm.
Ø 50, 56, 63,140, 180 and 225 mm steel reductions for jaws can be also supplied on request.

General technical data

Total weight of complete machine cuts and work bench / steel carrying case
105 kg
Total size of the complete machine reductions
shipping crate 600x800x850 mm
maximum power
2,15 kW - 230 V 50/60 Hz
carriage travel
130 mm
Material pipe and / or fitting
PP -PE and other thermoplastic materials
69,5 Kg
welding capacity
Ø 50 to Ø 250 mm
550×800x660 mm
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Thermoplate suitable to butt welding of pipes and fittings in PP – PE and other thermoplastic materials, supplied with ground support.

Temperature range180°C ÷ 300°C
Presetted to weld215-220°C (PE)
Electric power1,4 kW
Voltage230 Volt – 50/60 Hz
Pipe and/or fitting materialsPP-PE and other thermoplastic materials
Weight3,3 Kg
Welding capacitymax Ø 250 mm
Dimensions550x60x330 mm


Steel work bench/ transport box

Dimensions580x800x740 mm

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