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The 7125/LI is a welding machine for working field with contact-thermal element. It is useful for socket welding on work of thermoplastic pipes and fittings with a working range Ø 32 ÷ Ø 125 mm, according to applicable standard

7125 machine is composed by:

The 7125/LI was designed to work in hard access areas thanks to its reduced weight and compact dimensions. The standard equipment includes: basic machine, extractable polywelder, drill driver, support frame and set of bushes from Ø 50 to Ø 110 mm for socket welding with steel box. Optional: bushes Ø 32, Ø 40 and Ø 125 mm for socket welding.

Overhead tecnical data

Maximum absorbed power
1,4 / 230 Vokt/ 50/60 Hz
Total weight of complete machine with reductions and steel work bench/transport box
80 Kg
Welding capacity
Ø32 ÷ Ø125 mm
Pipe and/or fitting material
PP-PE and other thermoplastic materials
12 Kg
Presetted to weld
Total dimensions of complete machine with reductions
1 transport box 600x800x850 mm


Polywelder suitable to socket welding of pipes and fittings in PP and other thermoplastic materials

Welding capacityØ16 ÷ Ø125 mm
Pipe and/or fitting materialPP-PE and other thermoplastic materials
Weight1,6 Kg
Dimensions360x60x113 mm
Voltage230 Volt / 50/60 Hz
1,4 kW
Temperature range50° ÷ 300°C
Presetted to weldPP

Optional bushes

Ø32, 40 and 125 mm bushes

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