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General technical data

Maximum power:
21,8 kW - 400 V 3P + N - 50/60 Hz
Total weight of the machine including reductions:
2522 kg
Total size of the complete machine with reductions:
no. 2 crates 180 × 200x190 cm and 150x215 cm × 85

Acquisizione a schermo intero 08052014 16.03.24.bmp1200P.0AV1

Basic machine with four Ø 1200 mm main jaws arranged on a slanting frame; sliding hardened chromate guides; third adjustable jaw; quick hydraulic antidrop release couplings; automatic breakaway of thermoplate.

Welding capacityØ 630 ÷ Ø 1200 mm
Pipe and/or fitting materialPP- PE and other thermoplastic materials
Weight1050 Kg
Dimensions2015×1720×1720 mm mm
Total thrust section2983 mm²
Carriage stroke437 mm

1400P.0B JPEG1200P.0B

PTFE covered thermoelement with remote electronic adjustment of temperature, feeding cable with connector to the thermostat box.

Welding capacityØ 1200 mm
Electronic adjustment of temperature50°C ÷ 300°C
Weight130 Kg
Dimensions1700×1620×100 mm
Electric power16 Kw
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N- 50/60 Hz

1400P.0C jpeg1200P.1CE

Hydraulic unit complete with delicate manometer – Class 1.0 (0 ÷ 160 bar – Ø 100 mm); throttle valve and drive cylinders joystick; quick hydraulic antidrop release couplings.

Electric motor power1,8 kW
Type of oilISO VG 68 – 2,5 l
Weight37 Kg
ManometerClass 1,0 – dimension Ø 100 mm – bar range 0 ÷ 160 bar
Pump featuresSwept volume 6,5 cm³ capacity 8,5 l/min; revs no. 1400 r/min
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N – 50/60 Hz
Operative pressure150 bar
Dimensions600×455×420 mm

1400P.0D jpeg1200P.0DV1

Electric planing tool equipped with lock and microswitch of safety to avoid dangerous and sudden ignitions. Double-edged blades, reversible.

Electric motor power4 kW
Voltage400V – 3P- 50/60 Hz
Dimensions1300×1700×310 mm
Weight345 Kg



Pair of flexible hydraulic pipes with quick release couplings.

Lenght5 m
Weight5 Kg

1400P.0F JPEG1200P.0F

Steel box for thermoelement and planing tool.

Weight220 Kg
Dimensions1400×1900×600 mm

1400P.0V jpeg1200P.0VV2

Electronic thermostat box supplied with digital display and temperature adjustment.

Weight9 Kg
Dimensions400×460×340 mm
Electronic adjustment of temperature50°C ÷ 300°C
Operative power15 kW
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N+T – 50/60 Hz


Level Riductions

Ø 630, 710, 800, 900 and 1000 mm level reductions.

Weight725 Kg


Tool for flange welding.

Weight140 Kg
DimensionsØ 1330 mm



Welding parameter recorder by using a butt welding machine for pipes and fittings in thermoplastic material for pressure welding..

Weight5,4 Kg
Dimensions410×330x175 mm
Pressure survey250 bar
Electric power0,2 kW
Voltage230 Volt – 50/60 Hz

GR400 SP1200

Professional crane for SP1200 butt welding machine, the best solution for thermoelement and planing tool handling

Total height3420mm
Carrying capacity400Kg
Rotation range300°
Voltage230 Volt/ 50/60 Hz
Total weight560 Kg
Electric motor power0,8 kW

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