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General technical data

Maximum power:
54,5 kW - 400 V 3P + N - 50/60 Hz
Total weight of the machine including reductions:
5200 kg
Total size of the complete machine with reductions:
no. 2 crates 300x230x220 cm and 300x240x140

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Basic machine with four Ø 1600 mm main jaws arranged on a slanting frame; sliding hardened chromate guides; third adjustable jaw; quick hydraulic antidrop release couplings; automatic breakaway of thermoplate.

Welding capacityØ 1000 ÷ Ø 1600 mm
Pipe and/or fitting materialPP- PE and other thermoplastic materials
Weight2500 Kg
Dimensions2945x2135x2185 mm mm
Total thrust section8164 mm²
Carriage stroke620 mm

1400P.0B JPEG


PTFE covered thermoelement with remote electronic adjustment of temperature, feeding cable with connector to the thermostat box.

Welding capacityØ 1600 mm
Electronic adjustment of temperature50°C ÷ 300°C
Weight445 Kg
Dimensions2180x1970x505 mm
Electric power45 Kw
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N- 50/60 Hz

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Hydraulic unit complete with delicate manometer – Class 1.0 (0 ÷ 160 bar – Ø 100 mm); throttle valve and drive cylinders joystick; quick hydraulic antidrop release couplings.

Electric motor power5,5 kW
Type of oilISO VG 68 – 3,5 l
Weight65 Kg
ManometerClass 1,0 – dimension Ø 100 mm – bar range 0 ÷ 160 bar
Pump featuresSwept volume 12 cm³ capacity 16 l/min; revs no. 1400 r/min
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N – 50/60 Hz
Operative pressure150 bar
Dimensions860x440x750 mm

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Electric planing tool equipped with lock and microswitch of safety to avoid dangerous and sudden ignitions. Double-edged blades, reversible.

Electric motor power4 kW
Voltage400V – 3P- 50/60 Hz
Dimensions1970x2300x505 mm
Weight876 Kg



Pair of flexible hydraulic pipes with quick release couplings.

Lenght5 m
Weight5 Kg

1400P.0F JPEG


Steel box for thermoelement and planing tool.

Weight465 Kg
Dimensions1885x1350x1960 mm

1400P.0V jpeg1600P.0VV2

Electronic thermostat box supplied with digital display and temperature adjustment.

Weight12 Kg
Dimensions340x470x780 mm
Electronic adjustment of temperature50°C ÷ 300°C
Operative power35 kW
Voltage400 Volt 3P+N+T – 50/60 Hz


Level Riductions

Ø 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm level reductions.

Weight725 Kg


Tool for flange welding.

Weight175 Kg
DimensionsØ 1735 mm



Welding parameter recorder by using a butt welding machine for pipes and fittings in thermoplastic material for pressure welding..

Weight5,4 Kg
Dimensions410×330x175 mm
Pressure survey250 bar
Electric power0,2 kW
Voltage230 Volt – 50/60 Hz

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